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The #1 Home Typing Company

Make money online from home

By: Maira Magana


Typeathome.com is a large business company that has been promoting other businesses for 12 years.

I would personally recommend this company to anyone out there. An email from this wonderful company that gave me an opportunity and gave me hope. I can honestly say; if I did it you can definitely do it. I had no clue as what blogging, writing, articles affiliate marketing, etc. was and here I am writing this article.


So what is Typeathome.com all about?

I can honestly say that it is one of the best companies out there. It will give anyone an opportunity. This is an at home typing job. They contract thousands of at home workers to type assignments. They have full time positions, part time positions and business owner reps positions. The full time typist can earn anywhere from $ 50 to $75 for each assignment. The part time typist can earn anywhere from $25 to $45 per assignment and the business owner reps can earn anywhere from $100 to $175 per assignment. Part time typist can do 1-2 assignments per day, the full time typists can complete from 5-10 assignments per day. You can accept your payments through pay pal or by check. The paying days are each Friday. To register with Typeathome.com you need to pay a one time fee depending on what position you choose.


For a part time typist the registration cost is $29.99

Full time typist registration cost is $59.99

For a business owner typist the registration cost is $89.99

Who pays for these articles?

It is usually delegated by large companies that want to gain as much audience as possible through search engines and acquire the highest rankings possible for Alexa.com. Basically the more backlinks and supportive articles are made and viewed the higher the search engines are which means more traffic (viewers) and more sales.

Why do they outsource?

Since I have personally tried this company myself I will run through the process of how this company works.

I signed up for the part time typist assignment position. I wasn’t too sure what it was that I was going to be doing. I just knew that I needed a job and $29.99 didn’t seem like a lot to start working. Once I made the payment I was taken to a Type at Home training site. It gives you a few paragraphs to read about the next steps that you have to take. The next step is to print out an agreement form and mail it to them; you can’t sign it electronically because I tried. While you are waiting for an email response that they received your letter you can start your training assignment. The training assignment consists of typing a 100 word article with a link of typeathome.com. You also have to add a picture or a video to your article and include 10 bookmarking sites. When you complete this training assignment you receive $5.

When typeathome.com had just started they lacked information and a lot of viewers hesitated whether or not they wanted to join the company until a guy named Troy G. decided he would develop training videos to help people get started with the program and to show them how to make money with the company.

When you register with typeathome.com you will be: writing articles, posting blogs, advertising company products and services, generating traffic and doing site recommendations.

Once you become part of typeathome.com you can enroll in the affiliate program that typeathome.com provides. This is another easy way for you to make extra money. If you do decide to join the affiliate program they will show how to generate hundreds of viewers to your site.

Typeathome.com inspires anyone that joins to think outside of the box. They have been solicited by large companies like; Home Depot, Walmart, Blockbuster, etc. to provide their workers information if they are looking to make extra money since they have an abundance of work available.

To give you a feel for what you are going to be doing they give you a training assignment which you get paid for.

You start off with:

Introductory Assignment

It takes to a page where it gives you a few titles for your article and it also gives three pictures that you can choose from along with a link so you can view more pictures. They also give an extensive list of social bookmarks that you can choose from to add to your article. They actually have a step by step video on how to do your training assignment. They show you how to link and do the bookmarking.

Tutorial on setting up a Google account for Blogger

Blogger.com is the website that you will be directed to post your blogs for typeathome.com. To setup your blogger through Google you first have to sign in to your Google account. From there you will be redirected to the blogger homepage. You will then sign in with your username and password.


The dashboard will always be your starting point


Write a post– to write your blog all you have to do is click on the orange pencil icon; this will take you to the post editor page where you can begin typing your blog.

Post editor– when you get to the post editor you have to put in a title then you write your blog, when you are done you will preview it then hit the publish tab.

View blog– the view blog tab lets you see the blogs that you have published and any drafts that you might have as well.

Overview– the overview icon lets you see any news that might be important for you, any tips that the blogger team might have for you and any activity that your blog has had.

Add image– to add a picture to your blog; you will click on the upload your image, pick the picture you want to add and then click done; it will then appear on your blog.

You can also upload pictures from your mobile from the free app Picasa.

Add a video– to add a video to your blog all you have to do is click on the film strip icon on the post editor toolbar; it will then tell you to add a video. From there you will go to browse to pick your video.

Very important– blogger will only take AVI, MPEG, QuickTime, Real and Windows Media files and your video has to be less than 100MB in size.

Before it actually uploads your video you need to add a title in the video title box  and accept the terms and conditions.

Customize– the customize tab is the design of your blog; how you want the public to see your blog. There are a few templates you can choose from or you can use one of  the default templates as well.

You can also edit your HTML by clicking on the gray edit HTML tab.

Another cool tool that you can do is customize your own blog design by using the drop and drag interface.

You can also add: AdSense adds, slide shows, and user polls.

Layout Editing

Click on the drop down layout tap under the blog you want to customize, then you would click on edit to take off any

Gadgets or to add new ones. If you want to add a gadget just click on the + sign next to the gadget of your choosing. You can actually choose your gadget by category or choose a specific gadget on the pop-up window that you will see on the top right of your screen. Once you are done picking a gadget, click on the orange button that says save arrangement. It will automatically show you your layout changes.

Creating a new page– To create new page on your blogger account all you have to do is sign in; from there click on the pages tab and then click on new page. When you are ready to put our page live click on the publish tab.

Editing pages– To edit a page you had made to add videos, pictures or more information by clicking on the edit tab under pages. When you are done fixing any errors or extra information just click on update.

Editing your page layout–  to edit the appearance of your page or pages all you have to do is click on the layout tab, and you will get a preview of your page, from there you can change the layout so your page appear on the top, bottom, left  or right  of you blog post.

Blogs privacy and permission

Your blog is automatically available to the public unless you want to keep it private. To change this you have to click on the settings tab. From there you will see add readers; you can then add the email address of the person that you want to have access to your blog. You can add multiple email address by placing a comma after each address.

As you can see if you go into this business like myself; not knowing much about typing, writing, articles, blogs, etc. it can be very confusing but if you put time into your work and do some research you will figure it out. The good thing about this job is that you really have no time limit as to when you are expected to finish your work. You can work at your own pace.

Another really good thing that I have noticed about typeathome.com is that this program gives you resources to make extra income with other companies like for example the type at home free affiliate program.
What is the Type at home Affiliate Program?

It gives website owners another way to make money from their webpage. Affiliates produce more traffic to the business websites and in return they receive commissions. When you decide to sign up with the Type at home Affiliate program you will be given text links and banners to advertise in your webpage. When you put them in your blogs or post in your webpage and a viewer clicks on one, they will be redirected to the affiliate website. When this happens the affiliate software tracks it and you receive your commission. It’s that easy.

As you can see and once you join this amazing company you will see all the different opportunities this company can bring you. There is the typing assignments, the affiliate marketing, other typing and blogging jobs you can join and there is also the Google AdSense ads that you can incorporate to your articles to make money.

You can also post your articles on google+ if you have a Google account.


Google Ads AdSense

So what is Google Ads AdSense? You can add this into your articles to promote ads and make money by getting viewers to check out your blogs. If you are interested in more information on AdSense there is a help center that will answer all your questions if you want to make extra money.

Typeathome.com also gives you an option to make your own website through WIX.com. I got as far as what to name my webpage. It is a really cool page. It has so many widgets and features.

This company for me has opened so many job opportunities and I have learned so much and have so much to learn. Marketing, traffic, web pages, advertising, promoting, writing, blogging, etc.

For example there are so many websites that you can open up an account and create your webpage. This is a tool that will help you whether you are looking for a job or already have one. Some of the free sites that allow you to create your own webpage are: Web.com, WIX.com, Weebly, and GOdaddy.com to name a few.



If you are looking to make extra money or start a new career go to: Typeathome.com






Cam Studio Pro the best screen captivating video alternative

Cam Studio Pro

Captivating Screen Activity into Video

By: Maira Magana

Cam studio Pro is the most affordable software there is; you can purchase it at the low price of $29.95. Now you might be asking yourself; why would I want to buy this program software? I will be giving the lowdown of why Cam Studio Pro is one of the best deals that you will ever make. This incredible software was created for professional training’s and as a tool for technology information for marketing sources. There are so many ways that you can benefit from this software. If you are a “newbie” in online marketing and need help with advertising services or products than you surely need Cam Studio Pro. Or if you are just starting and want to develop your very own webpage than Cam Studio Pro can help you. If you need to make a school project, what better way to make an outstanding project than by using Cam Studio Pro; it’s the easiest way to record a video or create a professional look to your project. 

Cam Studio Pro is a screen casting program software with so many useful tools that will help you whether you are an affiliate marketer, company director, teacher, student, or entrepreneur. So you might be asking yourself; what is screen casting? Screen casting is catching streaks of pictures of the screens, linking them together and adding recorded description to all of this.

Cam Studio Pro Features:

Cam studio keeps you updated on new technology that is constantly being added. It can construct your unique webpages with your screen capture video that you added. The assistant menu makes it possible for you to record a part of your computer screen or the entire screen itself. You can learn how to modify your custom Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) like for example; affiliate advertisements and stylish headlines and personalize your content. Because broadband has become so economical, Multi- media websites have become a favored and successful means of communication.

Streaming videos has become the newest tool of Internet marketing. Cam Studio is a great asset whether you are marketing your own products or affiliate marketing products. You can design photo shop tutorials for your viewers and it also shows you how you can add a shiny glitter with a lens effect to incorporate in your photo shop.  This incredible software has become a must have to affiliate marketing. It has demonstrated to be an effective way to direct that one of the newest tools that has been added to Cam Studio Pro is the Video Web Wizard which allows you to transform your videos into a web format simultaneously and effortlessly. Because screen casting links secures images and recorded audio to demonstrate what is happening on screen makes it a powerful tool to share knowledge and ideas. Cam Studio Pro uses screen casting to explain software structures, e-learning, to show how to use any program to accomplish any project, and to give support to personnel for any defective program. Companies are generally the main inventors of screen casting.  They have been doing demo movies (sample movies and tutorials for their program soft wares). The reason for making demo movies is to show the software structure which aide in sales and marketing. The reason for training tutorials is to prepare users to for the program and this is beneficial to existing customers.

Cam Studio Pro also utilizes screen casting to inform software bugs or to explain when a program is acting up. A movie that displays what is happening in a screen is much better than any written report. By being able to view any kind of defect, it helps designers build better software programs.

Even though this software ultimately creates demo movies and tutorials, the development to make them is different. Because of this it is required of the user to be informed of the technology that is needed to create them to become aware of what the software enables you to create.

There are two different ways of managing images. The interpolated screen shots are taken at certain events or in gaps; the ending outcome is a bunch of screen shots that are later linked together. This becomes a problem because they seem unreal and if the conversion does not run smoothly it can cause for some of the screen shots to get lost. As you can see this type of screenshots is not reliable. The Fluid movies is the most recent advancement. This takes the output of the video and the sound adapters and files them away to be played by a movie player or viewed in the screen casting application. This type of application is more reliable.


You should also be aware of all the formats that Cam Studio Pro provides. The most common are: Quick time and windows media files (WFM), standalone executable files (EXE), (AVI), shock wave flash (SWF). Choosing the format is up to you. But if for instance you would want to combine your presentation on a webpage, than Flash might be the best option to use.


You should also be aware of the output file size. You know the saying “the bigger the better”, well in this case it might not be better. This is especially true if the demo is going to be presented in the web.

Cam Studio Pro is one of the most competitive screen casting soft wares out there because of its basic and extended elements that aide you in creating a simple but very professional screen cast.

In this competitive industry that is the web marketing there are many screen casting soft wares. Here’s a quick rundown of a few:

Camtasia Studio is a natural occupation file format is a pure video formatting software which is different from the motionless images taken by other programs. Camtasia Studio is a broad and extensive package. So if you are new to screen casting get ready to take some time sit down and learn about Camtasia software and when you become an expert you will be able to create extraordinary professional demos with audio and video effects. 

BB Flashback is another product leader in screen casting that you can really get into.

Macro media Captivate is a classical player in Screen casting. Its custom articulation is impressive. This software is way ahead of the competition due to its flexible movie processing essential qualities, continuous descriptive images, and its excellent add-ons like scored tests and data access.

Qarbon Viewlet Cam and Viewlet Builder even though these soft wares are from the same company, their functions are different. Viewlet Cam does not contain the superb components like Macro media Captive and Camtasia, it is still a cheaper program that offers enough features and suitable graphic interface. An advantage in Viewlet Builder is that it’s written in java and can be installed in man operating systems like for example Linux.

Quick Screen Capture is a program that assists you in taking numerous screen shots.

Quick Screen Recorder is similar to Quick Screen Capture. The difference is that this program records screen activity into standard AVI video files.

So what are AVI files?

Audio Video Interleave(AVI )files so useful is that it is a container that makes space for files and basically re sizes them to fit and make space for more.

If you click on this link it will take you directly to a Cam Studio Pro tutorial that will show you how simple and easy this software program really is https://www.YouTube.com/watch?v=T700m65OJzE

Writing tips exclusively for innovative screen casting is impossible due to the variety of screen casting programs but you can pick the one that suits you best and create professional, educational, and informative screen casts.

Improve Your Methods

You cannot skip the way you order or place your audio and video. Each program has its own way of implementing this step but it usually requires you to do it manually.

Visual Effects

Visual effects is another tool that you need to pay attention to improve. It can be fast and easy or long and painful depending on the choosing of your software. Remember that the bigger the size of the file is the bigger the ending file will be.

File Size Improvement

This step is also very important. Getting rid of unnecessary parts of the movie will give it a more professional look.


If your audio is not of the highest level, it might be simpler to record it again than to repair it. There are many tricks in cleaning it and at the end it might not be worth it.

Tips and Tricks

Prepare yourself to avoid recording your video over and over again and getting frustrated you should take the time to rehearse your speech.

Do not stop recording even if you make a few mistakes. Just brush it off and keep going. When you finishing recording your video, the software will help you correct it.

You should acquire principles in your writing depending on the type of audience you talking to. Two rules that you should always remember to do are: abstain to using long sentences because you will lose your audience, and refrain from using tongue-twisters or big words.

When making your video remember to keep it under 5 minutes. Viewers tend to lose focus. If for instance you are recording a tutorial, then split it up into 4 or 5 videos instead of cramming it all in one video.

Slow and Clear

Make sure when speaking to your audience to be speaking clearly. If you are in a hurry to fit all your information in the 5 minute limit your audience might not be able to understand what you are addressing.

Before you start recording make sure you exit all your other programs that way you will avoid interruptions. Having other tabs open while you are making your video can cause it to slow down.

Always read your software information before you get started, it’s a good way to avoid setbacks. People usually skip this step and just go straight into recording until they hit a wall so why not inform yourself and be prepared.

Avoid stuffing your demo with video effects because it can cause an unexpected impact on its size.

Avoid wasting time over editing your video; it might give it a false look. It is better to get rid of it and make a new one.

You can download Cam Studio Pro for free @ Camstudio.org or CamStudio20.exe

Basic Instructions for your Cam Studio Pro Software

The region tab lets you adjust your screen in any part of the screen for recording; there are three settings that you can choose from:

  1. Region- lets you choose what part of the screen you want to record.
  2. Fixed region– lets you set the size of your recorded material.
  3. Full screen– lets you depict the whole screen.

Auto pan

If you preset a region that does not display the entire screen, you can use the region to follow your mouse cursor to display the entire screen.  You can do this by clicking on the options tab, then click on enable auto pan. You can also change the speed by clicking on the auto speed pan.

Audio Recording

In the options tab you would click on audio; when you do it will give you some the options of what microphone you want to record from, set the volume for your recording, and how you want to format your recordings.

Cam Studio Pro software gives you two sources to choose from to record.

1.      Do not record audio– is good if you don’t like hearing your voice.

2.      Record audio with microphone– is good if you want to portray your animations.

3.      Record audio from your speakers– is good if you want to record a video from the web to your computer.

Now that I have given you a quick review of Cam Studio Pro you can try for yourself and see firsthand what Cam Studio Pro can do for you.

If you are looking for a way to make money from home and like writing articles go to: www.Typeathome.com

The Best Money Making Tool

The Clickbank Code




The Clickbank Code is a course
designed of 28 videos that discuss
successful strategies in Click Bank affiliate marketing.

Click Bank Code was made for Entrepreneurs.  These are people that are taking a greater financial risk in creating a business or businesses. Today we see more and more website affiliates. There are millions and millions of people taking a risk and joining the new “trend”.

Whether they know or not about starting a business they are willing to take a jump and test their luck and maybe develop a career out of marketing whether it be for their own products and/or services or for a major company. Since internet data has become a need not a want there is more and more competition in the marketing business. If you want to succeed and make money and make your business known, a great investment would be the Clickbank Code source. This is a great tool that will give show you the best you need to succeed. Click bank Code income formula is a major source with the tools that affiliate marketers need to gain profits.

What is Affiliate Marketing?(Spreading the word of you business)
Affiliate marketing is a way that companies sell their services and/or products by signing up individuals (affiliates) that will sell their products and/or services for a commission.

Your job is to promote services and/or products of companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon, Dell, just to name a few. Since there is a lot of competition in the marketing business you need to be on top of the game. Come up with different ways of promoting your companies services like for example; blogging, it’s the newest thing now. Other examples would be like poster boards ads, newsletters, blogging it on popular websites like Google, Facebook, twitter, or Instagram. Being an affiliate marketer you can work anywhere from 10 to 16 hrs. a day. It can be a hard job to advertise new productions and/or services but if you put the effort and time it will pay off in the long run. One of the questions that are mostly asked by beginners is: Why isn’t my website making any money? If you take a step back and look; most likely it’s because you are missing a piece to the puzzle. We all have a URL or a website that we don’t need to look up or ask about because we already know it. But why? Mostly likely it’s because it’s a useful tool for us.

So you need to stop and think how is My site valuable or informative? Your goal should be to make your business or products/services important to your guests. Just go straight to the point even if sometimes you might have to embellish your products/services. Another important thing is you should always stay updated with your competition. Take an hour or two and think of what your targets are and what they are looking for. Google Analytic is a good site that will show you statistics on what your targets need. Another important step is to step back and analyze your strategy and really ask yourself if what you are promoting is valuable. Would YOU take the time and read about it? Would it catch your eye?

Affiliate Misconceptions

If you are new to the affiliating marketing you will might not be too sure on how to go about to obtaining traffic towards your products/services. No matter what you are trying to market, it is a tough competition. You need to keep up with what’s going on in the world “what in” and “what’s out”. It could take you days, weeks, months or maybe even a year but if you really want it, GO FOR IT! You can also run into an overabundance of websites that are really similar to what you are offering. But you should not let that get to you; just be creative. An example of this would be: say you are promoting poker strategy; but you see a staggering amount of websites just like your; well do not give up, you can add something like jazzy or horse; and then you would get the jazzy poker strategy or the horse poker strategy. By doing that you minimize your competition and obtain more ranking.

“Newbies” in the marketing industry just need to take some time and acquire the tools necessary to rise above your competition. But one of the first misconceptions of new affiliates is that they automatically assume that they require a considerable amount of funds to get started on their business; wrong to get your own domain and hosting it only costs a few dollars a month. It is doable if you have determination.

Why do I need to know what search engines are?

Search Engine Optimization a.k.a (SEO)

So why are search engines so important to your marketing/ promoting/services? This is one of the tools that will definitely help with your traffic flow of your products/services that your promotion to your targets. When you are advertising you should make sure your page is accessible to search engines, built up with steer you to where you want to go, so it makes it accessible for search engines to index your website with ease. You also need to improve your promotion strategy and your pages to get higher ranking than your competition by internal and external linkage.

Performance planning
You should always plan. If you just jump in you will not succeed. Without a plan you are more than likely to fail.

Lowdown for affiliate Beginners
Don’t make off with other people’s work. Do not copy and paste and then put your name on it. By doing this it will give you a bad rep; search engines will notice what you did this and you will be discredited which will hurt you as well as your website. Don’t take somebody else’ images. I know it’s easy to just copy and paste pictures but… check to see if it has been copyrighted and if is being sold; if it is you can always buy it from the owner as long as the image has a link to them. Take the time to read and learn and digest all the information possible before you get started; it will benefit you in the long run. Put on your thinking head. Don’t think about how much money you want to make; instead think of all the information you can provide to consumer or associate. Focus on how you are the best source of product/service that person is looking for and you will be.

Establish A daily Routine
It is always best and it seems that things flow more easily when you have a daily routine. Usually affiliate marketing takes up a lot of time. You have no boss because you are basically your own boss; you don’t have anybody over your shoulder making sure you get your job done. It is up to you and if or how much income you want to obtain and quickly.

Website Hosting and Domain Investing

A website host are all those websites that you run into that invite you to join the site and design your very own page. (I love those). But even though you can design your very own page you are still viewed as an affiliate marketer. Why? Because if you post or write an article through your page you still have their name attached to yours. If you look around you can find pretty good deals to own your own domain. What that means is like for example I have seen some websites that will charge you $4.95 if you want to buy your own domain.

Content Structure System    
One of the first things that you want to do is to set up a content management system. These kinds of systems are like the “back end” of your website that deal with everything for you. A good example of this sort of business is bookmarkingdemon.com. These kind of systems are really popular because all you have to do is fill in a few blanks and they do the rest. It really saves you a great deal of time to come up with new and creative ways to promote.

Preparing your Designed Website
There are really good websites out there that you can choose from that will allow you to design your own site. They usually have free domain and hosting, unlimited storage, offers web hosting, message boards, forums, and guest book. Some of these are: Weebly, WordPress, Wix.com, Godaddy, and Squarespace, just to name a few.

Tools and Tips for setting up your website
Make sure that you do not block your privacy; you do not want to block the search engines that are going to assist you with traffic flow. Make sure that you also adjust your permalink because if you don’t it will look something like this: your site/category/bracelet site instead of your site.com/bracelet site. I have found it much better to do posts instead of pages because it sets them up better and they also get indexed in a faster rate for search engines. Make sure that you don’t forget to place the www.

Basic SEO Regulations
Subheadings are very important because they are like a summary of what you are service/product. You should also make sure that your website’s URLS seem natural and that you incorporated the keywords randomly throughout your post/article and produce a solid structure for your site.

Meta tags are also a very important tool to use in your articles even though it’s not that popular like it used to be. Meta tags are what search engines use to direct consumers that are looking for what the affiliate marketer is posting. Tag phrases are also very important in your writing; always pinpoint your tags in your writing page when they flow with your posting. You don’t want your tags to give the impression that you forced them; make them blend with your article. Tags are usually what the consumer will link to when looking for your service/product.

Alt tags are what most people are relying for with search engines. By alt tagging your images it makes it easier for people to find the exact picture they are looking for.

Kick Off to Your Live Website
Before putting your site out into the world it is best to write a few articles to get started. You should start off by writing an article for your site then writing a couple to distribute to sites that are similar to your site. It would be best for you to wait and acquire practice in writing before you start signing up to affiliate programs.

Signing up with Affiliate Companies
When you are just starting in signing up with affiliate companies you should start off with a few just so you won’t feel overwhelmed. Some good affiliate companies are: Linkshare, Commission Junction, Shareasale, Amazon Associates, and Google Affiliate Network just to name a few.

Analytic software website
It is essential that you keep track of your site stats. You don’t only want to know how good you are doing but what your viewers are looking at, where they are coming from and what keywords they are using so you can modify your site to their liking. There are many state programs so it is best for you to try some out before you stick to one that you like. You don’t have to worry about a cost because they are free. Two stat programs that are recommendable are: Google Analytic. There are a ton of features this program offers but for new users it is really easy and simple to use and for the advanced users there are also a variety of tools that they will benefit from. Another stat program is Woopra; the key features of this site are the live site tracking and the real time analytic. There is also Click tale which an interesting site where you can literally see how your users found you and you can also sit down and watch them while they are going through your website which is pretty cool.

Inviting all Search Engines to view your Website
Google Webmaster Tools is a good site to register your website because they give you a lot of advice to help you with your website that will help you in the future and will also inform you if there are any problems that with your site.

Writing, Building Links and Teach yourself
The only way that viewers will notice your content is by the quality of your writing. Keep writing and focus on making it the most informative website for your audience. Your goal is to write to keep your viewers interested. Building your links goes hand in hand with search engines and your quality of writing.  Build links with good quality websites to start building your links.  Don’t forget to stay on top of your stats, look at your competition, ask for advice, and look at what viewers are interested in and make changes to your website to gain more audience, always look for ways to enhance your site and don’t be afraid to make mistakes.

If you are looking for a way to make extra money and work from home you can go to: Typeathome.com.

Posted 27th May 2015 by Maira Magana


Get an unlimited supply of backlinks in minutes!

All you have to do is fill in some blanks click on the start button and watch bookmarking Demon do the work for you!

Friday, May 22, 2015

Bookmarking Demon



By:Maira Magana


This is one of my first articles. How did this come about you might ask? Job hunting. Yup, submitted hundreds and hundreds of resumes and tile this day I’m still applying, I haven’t given up. But there was one company that actually gave me an opportunity.


Typeathome.com gave me a chance, an opportunity to begin a new career that is quite challenging. Social media has expanded worldwide. Everything nowadays is through web promotion. Without web knowledge you will not be making any money.


So what is bookmarkingdemon.com? 

This amazing software was created by Edwin Soft. It’s a computerized software that makes it super easy to promote your business. I will tell you why bookmarking demon is better and will make your business grow so much easier and with higher traffic than any of the other bookmarking software’s out there. What makes bookmarkingdemon.com is that it doesn’t spam your sites; what that does for your business is that demeanor’s your service and products to your consumers. It basically makes it less noticeable and of course that stops traffic which is totally not what you want.


Most of the other software’s are limited meaning that they have certain sites that will promote your business like for example; if you are a newbie in this business and you don’t have your own page or website and you are just learning by blogging then these other websites won’t be much help. Other software’s require a monthly subscription or are way more costly. Another issue with all these other bookmarking software’s is that they have multiple problems. Like for example if you are generating the same tags, titles, and descriptions to multiple sites this will cause double the problems which then in turn will not acquire any traffic to your website. So you will have spent a good amount of money on a defective software and could have possibly lost traffic onto your website. There are also those software’s that you can buy that are only semi-automated.


What does that mean?

It’s just about the same thing as you bookmarking all these sites manually. You would still have to go through each website, make an account for them and activate each and every one of them. That is what you’re trying to avoid; all that time that you can use to come up with other ways to promote your website. If you go into sites and you submit the same username and passwords, the sites will automatically ban you. It has happened to me quite a few times. Bookmarking demon creates the username and passwords for you and gives you information so you don’t have to keep up with this.  Blogging and pinging are good promoting tools to get traffic to your site and get noticed. One of the main things to making money is to rank high in search engine results. An example of good search engines is Google.
To promote your site or sites you need to increase your visibility on search engines; by that I mean to make your site more visible to your audience by inserting KEYWORDS that explain your business like HTML on your website pages and keep inputting those words anywhere you can. Your goal is to make your site visible before they notice your competitors. You should also optimize your website for search engines. By optimizing I mean rearrange or rewrite your data to make it look better and sound better. Two good ways to make your site more visible is to buy ad space from the search engine or directory service. By doing that your website page will be on the very top for consumers to see.


The steps of the optimizing process are: Step 1: access the competition (examine or look at your competition), visit the web pages that fall in the same category as your business. Step 2. Make a keyword list (words that consumers will look for to find your business, words that your competition uses), Step 3. Make META tags (these are the tags that search engines look at to place your business in a category). The main META tags are the title, the description, and keywords. The title tag lets the consumer know what your business is, the description tag goes more into detail of what your business is about and what makes it unique, and last is the keyword tag which should never be mentioned more than twice; the search engines will lower your ranking because they consider it spamming. Step 4. Build good content; meaning make it your best work, the effort is noticeable. Make it unique, awesome, worthy, something that you’re proud of putting your name on; calling it yours. Step 5. Link to other websites that stand out in other words, that have a good name.Step 6. Stimulate other sites to link to you (it will help search engines to give your site a higher ranking, and will give a new set of customers). Step 7. Make your site official with directories (submit your site to directories like for example Yahoo) and of course keep an eye on the directory to ensure that your site is categorized correctly. Step 8.Register your site with search engines (check on it regularly to make sure it is categorized properly and if you make changes to your site make sure you re-register that way you get rewarded for your work. Step 9. Always check on your web server log (that is where you can see where your consumers are coming from and how they found you). Like for example what words they look up to come into contact with your site. By keeping up with your keywords that your consumers like and dislike and updating them, you will gain more publicity. Step 10. By repeating these steps you can be certain that your website will be successful.


Other steps that you can take to advertise your business would be by blogging, podcasting, joining communities, e-mailing lists, win awards, get press attention, join charitable communities, free classifieds of your business, develop partnerships with other businesses, and  E-zine; which is a fancy word for creating newsletters advertising your business’ services and products to consumers. All of these things play an important role of putting your business out there and getting it noticed. But of course all this work can be minimized by acquiring the bookmarkingdemon.com software that was made to help you with your business by saving you A LOT of time.
This software was made for a person that wants to take risk and show the world a new and exciting idea that they came up with and make money with it. Business platforms is also a key to promoting your business. The best and most noticed platforms of getting your business out there right now are: Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, and Google plus. Pinterest for example always pins the most recent content. The more consumers see it the more it will get pinned and re-pinned and that gives your business a higher ranking. LinkedIn is mostly used by recruiters and job-seekers. It is basically an old fashioned networking site. It’s also a good page for researching your competition. Facebook (we all know about it) is also a good marketing website. One of the useful tools of Facebook is that it lets you see how much traffic impact is brought by sharing. Instagram is a great way of visual promotion; hash tagging on Instagram will get your business more noticeable. YouTube is good for linking your video which can make it into a long-term influence. Twitter is also a great website for promoting because it’s used by everyone. It is a prevalent democracy of social-sharing. The most useful tool of Twitter is that is lets you stockpile and schedule in advance; which gives you the opportunity to post in what you would consider the best time to acquire new followers for your business. You can’t forget one of the top advertising websites that is out there now Google+. One of the advantages of Google + other than its name is that it is a more professional site. Consumers go into Google + looking for keywords and search engine optimization.  One of the best tools of Google+ is the authorship which has your Google+ profile follow from across the web in search results. I have given you the keys to go about promoting your business through the web; but now I will tell you why bookmarkingdemon.com will be the number one tool that will facilitate and make your business run smoothly and be less time consuming.
With Bookmarkingdemon.com you can:bookmark hundreds of social sites by using the Scuttle, Scuttle Plus, and Pligg. Bookmarkingdemon.com will instinctively notice the type of sites being added. With bookmarking demon’s scraper it gives you the ability to footprint these sites and discard the sites that you do not need. Random account details during your web creation gives you the ability to spin your account information when you are making your accounts. With Bookmarking demon you can make your  own usernames and passwords or if you rather create your own names and passwords there is a button you can click to make this happen its really up to you.
Bookmarking demon also has a scheduler. What is it used for? Having a scheduler gives you the ability to choose what days you want to promote certain products or services to the public rather than having to promote everything all at once. You can also randomize your titles, tags, and descriptions which will prevent you from copying the same content that you already publicized. Bookmarkingdemon.com is one of the best software’s because you can get your bookmarking sites done within minutes. It is a tool that you just have to fill in a few blank spaces and then it starts doing the work for you, it generates your backlinks and faster indexing, and it boosts up your search engine ranking. Bookmarkingdemon.com might seem a little costly but you will see once you decide to purchase this software that you can’t do without it.


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Making A Home at Ease for the Disabled

February 25, 2016

By: Maira Magana


disabled (2)

Disabled people have a hard time doing daily tasks but one without a disability can begin to imagine what they have to go through on a day to day basis.

It is hard for them to get from one place to another.  The main problems that a disabled person struggles with when choosing a home is the kitchen and the bathroom.

You will have to put in some money to make your home more accessible to your needs. There are many foundations out there that will help with making their everyday life a little less complicated.

The California Financial Housing Agency is one of California’s well known agencies that help the disabled with a low interest rate and with down payment loan services for first time buyers with a disability.

If you are a disabled person and would like to be independent and own your own home, you have quite a few things you need to think about before making the decision of buying your own home.

One of the first things you would need to consider would be how far is the location. How far is the distance between your home and where you will be going? (hair dresser, grocery store, doctor, etc.).

You also need to become familiar with your area, what is close to you like; banks, grocery stores, etc. This could make it a little more difficult to find what you are looking for.

Another important step to buying your home is to become familiar with your homebuyers’ Rights (you don’t want to get taken advantage of).

You should be aware of all the programs and resources that are available for the disabled. I will give you some information of the main ones.

Supplemental Security Income: This program helps you maintain a steady income so that you have a better chance of qualifying for a government loan.

The requirements to qualify for this loan are:

  • You must live in U.S
  • You must be legally blind or disabled
  • You must have minimal income
  • You must have minimal resources

Another program is: Social Security Disability Insurance

Even though this program is not associated with housing it could be of great help for you and your family. To qualify for this program, you need to be:

  • Legally blind or disabled
  • Have paid social security taxes to be in accordance to benefits
  • The amount received on a monthly basis is based on social security earnings record of the insured worker
  • You will immediately receive Medicare coverage after receiving disability for two years

The third program that I want to mention is Homeownership Voucher Program

  • This is a federal housing program that helps disabled low-income and limited income families buy a home
  • It helps them with their monthly mortgage payments


To qualify for this program, you need to:

  • Be a first time buyer
  • No family member will have or have had any interest due for a home in the past three years
  • Family that is applying must have a family member with a disability
  • Family must complete the PHA’s Pre=assistance ownership and housing counseling program