Cam Studio Pro the best screen captivating video alternative

Cam Studio Pro

Captivating Screen Activity into Video

By: Maira Magana

Cam studio Pro is the most affordable software there is; you can purchase it at the low price of $29.95. Now you might be asking yourself; why would I want to buy this program software? I will be giving the lowdown of why Cam Studio Pro is one of the best deals that you will ever make. This incredible software was created for professional training’s and as a tool for technology information for marketing sources. There are so many ways that you can benefit from this software. If you are a “newbie” in online marketing and need help with advertising services or products than you surely need Cam Studio Pro. Or if you are just starting and want to develop your very own webpage than Cam Studio Pro can help you. If you need to make a school project, what better way to make an outstanding project than by using Cam Studio Pro; it’s the easiest way to record a video or create a professional look to your project. 

Cam Studio Pro is a screen casting program software with so many useful tools that will help you whether you are an affiliate marketer, company director, teacher, student, or entrepreneur. So you might be asking yourself; what is screen casting? Screen casting is catching streaks of pictures of the screens, linking them together and adding recorded description to all of this.

Cam Studio Pro Features:

Cam studio keeps you updated on new technology that is constantly being added. It can construct your unique webpages with your screen capture video that you added. The assistant menu makes it possible for you to record a part of your computer screen or the entire screen itself. You can learn how to modify your custom Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) like for example; affiliate advertisements and stylish headlines and personalize your content. Because broadband has become so economical, Multi- media websites have become a favored and successful means of communication.

Streaming videos has become the newest tool of Internet marketing. Cam Studio is a great asset whether you are marketing your own products or affiliate marketing products. You can design photo shop tutorials for your viewers and it also shows you how you can add a shiny glitter with a lens effect to incorporate in your photo shop.  This incredible software has become a must have to affiliate marketing. It has demonstrated to be an effective way to direct that one of the newest tools that has been added to Cam Studio Pro is the Video Web Wizard which allows you to transform your videos into a web format simultaneously and effortlessly. Because screen casting links secures images and recorded audio to demonstrate what is happening on screen makes it a powerful tool to share knowledge and ideas. Cam Studio Pro uses screen casting to explain software structures, e-learning, to show how to use any program to accomplish any project, and to give support to personnel for any defective program. Companies are generally the main inventors of screen casting.  They have been doing demo movies (sample movies and tutorials for their program soft wares). The reason for making demo movies is to show the software structure which aide in sales and marketing. The reason for training tutorials is to prepare users to for the program and this is beneficial to existing customers.

Cam Studio Pro also utilizes screen casting to inform software bugs or to explain when a program is acting up. A movie that displays what is happening in a screen is much better than any written report. By being able to view any kind of defect, it helps designers build better software programs.

Even though this software ultimately creates demo movies and tutorials, the development to make them is different. Because of this it is required of the user to be informed of the technology that is needed to create them to become aware of what the software enables you to create.

There are two different ways of managing images. The interpolated screen shots are taken at certain events or in gaps; the ending outcome is a bunch of screen shots that are later linked together. This becomes a problem because they seem unreal and if the conversion does not run smoothly it can cause for some of the screen shots to get lost. As you can see this type of screenshots is not reliable. The Fluid movies is the most recent advancement. This takes the output of the video and the sound adapters and files them away to be played by a movie player or viewed in the screen casting application. This type of application is more reliable.


You should also be aware of all the formats that Cam Studio Pro provides. The most common are: Quick time and windows media files (WFM), standalone executable files (EXE), (AVI), shock wave flash (SWF). Choosing the format is up to you. But if for instance you would want to combine your presentation on a webpage, than Flash might be the best option to use.


You should also be aware of the output file size. You know the saying “the bigger the better”, well in this case it might not be better. This is especially true if the demo is going to be presented in the web.

Cam Studio Pro is one of the most competitive screen casting soft wares out there because of its basic and extended elements that aide you in creating a simple but very professional screen cast.

In this competitive industry that is the web marketing there are many screen casting soft wares. Here’s a quick rundown of a few:

Camtasia Studio is a natural occupation file format is a pure video formatting software which is different from the motionless images taken by other programs. Camtasia Studio is a broad and extensive package. So if you are new to screen casting get ready to take some time sit down and learn about Camtasia software and when you become an expert you will be able to create extraordinary professional demos with audio and video effects. 

BB Flashback is another product leader in screen casting that you can really get into.

Macro media Captivate is a classical player in Screen casting. Its custom articulation is impressive. This software is way ahead of the competition due to its flexible movie processing essential qualities, continuous descriptive images, and its excellent add-ons like scored tests and data access.

Qarbon Viewlet Cam and Viewlet Builder even though these soft wares are from the same company, their functions are different. Viewlet Cam does not contain the superb components like Macro media Captive and Camtasia, it is still a cheaper program that offers enough features and suitable graphic interface. An advantage in Viewlet Builder is that it’s written in java and can be installed in man operating systems like for example Linux.

Quick Screen Capture is a program that assists you in taking numerous screen shots.

Quick Screen Recorder is similar to Quick Screen Capture. The difference is that this program records screen activity into standard AVI video files.

So what are AVI files?

Audio Video Interleave(AVI )files so useful is that it is a container that makes space for files and basically re sizes them to fit and make space for more.

If you click on this link it will take you directly to a Cam Studio Pro tutorial that will show you how simple and easy this software program really is

Writing tips exclusively for innovative screen casting is impossible due to the variety of screen casting programs but you can pick the one that suits you best and create professional, educational, and informative screen casts.

Improve Your Methods

You cannot skip the way you order or place your audio and video. Each program has its own way of implementing this step but it usually requires you to do it manually.

Visual Effects

Visual effects is another tool that you need to pay attention to improve. It can be fast and easy or long and painful depending on the choosing of your software. Remember that the bigger the size of the file is the bigger the ending file will be.

File Size Improvement

This step is also very important. Getting rid of unnecessary parts of the movie will give it a more professional look.


If your audio is not of the highest level, it might be simpler to record it again than to repair it. There are many tricks in cleaning it and at the end it might not be worth it.

Tips and Tricks

Prepare yourself to avoid recording your video over and over again and getting frustrated you should take the time to rehearse your speech.

Do not stop recording even if you make a few mistakes. Just brush it off and keep going. When you finishing recording your video, the software will help you correct it.

You should acquire principles in your writing depending on the type of audience you talking to. Two rules that you should always remember to do are: abstain to using long sentences because you will lose your audience, and refrain from using tongue-twisters or big words.

When making your video remember to keep it under 5 minutes. Viewers tend to lose focus. If for instance you are recording a tutorial, then split it up into 4 or 5 videos instead of cramming it all in one video.

Slow and Clear

Make sure when speaking to your audience to be speaking clearly. If you are in a hurry to fit all your information in the 5 minute limit your audience might not be able to understand what you are addressing.

Before you start recording make sure you exit all your other programs that way you will avoid interruptions. Having other tabs open while you are making your video can cause it to slow down.

Always read your software information before you get started, it’s a good way to avoid setbacks. People usually skip this step and just go straight into recording until they hit a wall so why not inform yourself and be prepared.

Avoid stuffing your demo with video effects because it can cause an unexpected impact on its size.

Avoid wasting time over editing your video; it might give it a false look. It is better to get rid of it and make a new one.

You can download Cam Studio Pro for free @ or CamStudio20.exe

Basic Instructions for your Cam Studio Pro Software

The region tab lets you adjust your screen in any part of the screen for recording; there are three settings that you can choose from:

  1. Region- lets you choose what part of the screen you want to record.
  2. Fixed region– lets you set the size of your recorded material.
  3. Full screen– lets you depict the whole screen.

Auto pan

If you preset a region that does not display the entire screen, you can use the region to follow your mouse cursor to display the entire screen.  You can do this by clicking on the options tab, then click on enable auto pan. You can also change the speed by clicking on the auto speed pan.

Audio Recording

In the options tab you would click on audio; when you do it will give you some the options of what microphone you want to record from, set the volume for your recording, and how you want to format your recordings.

Cam Studio Pro software gives you two sources to choose from to record.

1.      Do not record audio– is good if you don’t like hearing your voice.

2.      Record audio with microphone– is good if you want to portray your animations.

3.      Record audio from your speakers– is good if you want to record a video from the web to your computer.

Now that I have given you a quick review of Cam Studio Pro you can try for yourself and see firsthand what Cam Studio Pro can do for you.

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