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Friday, May 22, 2015

Bookmarking Demon



By:Maira Magana


This is one of my first articles. How did this come about you might ask? Job hunting. Yup, submitted hundreds and hundreds of resumes and tile this day I’m still applying, I haven’t given up. But there was one company that actually gave me an opportunity. gave me a chance, an opportunity to begin a new career that is quite challenging. Social media has expanded worldwide. Everything nowadays is through web promotion. Without web knowledge you will not be making any money.


So what is 

This amazing software was created by Edwin Soft. It’s a computerized software that makes it super easy to promote your business. I will tell you why bookmarking demon is better and will make your business grow so much easier and with higher traffic than any of the other bookmarking software’s out there. What makes is that it doesn’t spam your sites; what that does for your business is that demeanor’s your service and products to your consumers. It basically makes it less noticeable and of course that stops traffic which is totally not what you want.


Most of the other software’s are limited meaning that they have certain sites that will promote your business like for example; if you are a newbie in this business and you don’t have your own page or website and you are just learning by blogging then these other websites won’t be much help. Other software’s require a monthly subscription or are way more costly. Another issue with all these other bookmarking software’s is that they have multiple problems. Like for example if you are generating the same tags, titles, and descriptions to multiple sites this will cause double the problems which then in turn will not acquire any traffic to your website. So you will have spent a good amount of money on a defective software and could have possibly lost traffic onto your website. There are also those software’s that you can buy that are only semi-automated.


What does that mean?

It’s just about the same thing as you bookmarking all these sites manually. You would still have to go through each website, make an account for them and activate each and every one of them. That is what you’re trying to avoid; all that time that you can use to come up with other ways to promote your website. If you go into sites and you submit the same username and passwords, the sites will automatically ban you. It has happened to me quite a few times. Bookmarking demon creates the username and passwords for you and gives you information so you don’t have to keep up with this.  Blogging and pinging are good promoting tools to get traffic to your site and get noticed. One of the main things to making money is to rank high in search engine results. An example of good search engines is Google.
To promote your site or sites you need to increase your visibility on search engines; by that I mean to make your site more visible to your audience by inserting KEYWORDS that explain your business like HTML on your website pages and keep inputting those words anywhere you can. Your goal is to make your site visible before they notice your competitors. You should also optimize your website for search engines. By optimizing I mean rearrange or rewrite your data to make it look better and sound better. Two good ways to make your site more visible is to buy ad space from the search engine or directory service. By doing that your website page will be on the very top for consumers to see.


The steps of the optimizing process are: Step 1: access the competition (examine or look at your competition), visit the web pages that fall in the same category as your business. Step 2. Make a keyword list (words that consumers will look for to find your business, words that your competition uses), Step 3. Make META tags (these are the tags that search engines look at to place your business in a category). The main META tags are the title, the description, and keywords. The title tag lets the consumer know what your business is, the description tag goes more into detail of what your business is about and what makes it unique, and last is the keyword tag which should never be mentioned more than twice; the search engines will lower your ranking because they consider it spamming. Step 4. Build good content; meaning make it your best work, the effort is noticeable. Make it unique, awesome, worthy, something that you’re proud of putting your name on; calling it yours. Step 5. Link to other websites that stand out in other words, that have a good name.Step 6. Stimulate other sites to link to you (it will help search engines to give your site a higher ranking, and will give a new set of customers). Step 7. Make your site official with directories (submit your site to directories like for example Yahoo) and of course keep an eye on the directory to ensure that your site is categorized correctly. Step 8.Register your site with search engines (check on it regularly to make sure it is categorized properly and if you make changes to your site make sure you re-register that way you get rewarded for your work. Step 9. Always check on your web server log (that is where you can see where your consumers are coming from and how they found you). Like for example what words they look up to come into contact with your site. By keeping up with your keywords that your consumers like and dislike and updating them, you will gain more publicity. Step 10. By repeating these steps you can be certain that your website will be successful.


Other steps that you can take to advertise your business would be by blogging, podcasting, joining communities, e-mailing lists, win awards, get press attention, join charitable communities, free classifieds of your business, develop partnerships with other businesses, and  E-zine; which is a fancy word for creating newsletters advertising your business’ services and products to consumers. All of these things play an important role of putting your business out there and getting it noticed. But of course all this work can be minimized by acquiring the software that was made to help you with your business by saving you A LOT of time.
This software was made for a person that wants to take risk and show the world a new and exciting idea that they came up with and make money with it. Business platforms is also a key to promoting your business. The best and most noticed platforms of getting your business out there right now are: Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, and Google plus. Pinterest for example always pins the most recent content. The more consumers see it the more it will get pinned and re-pinned and that gives your business a higher ranking. LinkedIn is mostly used by recruiters and job-seekers. It is basically an old fashioned networking site. It’s also a good page for researching your competition. Facebook (we all know about it) is also a good marketing website. One of the useful tools of Facebook is that it lets you see how much traffic impact is brought by sharing. Instagram is a great way of visual promotion; hash tagging on Instagram will get your business more noticeable. YouTube is good for linking your video which can make it into a long-term influence. Twitter is also a great website for promoting because it’s used by everyone. It is a prevalent democracy of social-sharing. The most useful tool of Twitter is that is lets you stockpile and schedule in advance; which gives you the opportunity to post in what you would consider the best time to acquire new followers for your business. You can’t forget one of the top advertising websites that is out there now Google+. One of the advantages of Google + other than its name is that it is a more professional site. Consumers go into Google + looking for keywords and search engine optimization.  One of the best tools of Google+ is the authorship which has your Google+ profile follow from across the web in search results. I have given you the keys to go about promoting your business through the web; but now I will tell you why will be the number one tool that will facilitate and make your business run smoothly and be less time consuming.
With you can:bookmark hundreds of social sites by using the Scuttle, Scuttle Plus, and Pligg. will instinctively notice the type of sites being added. With bookmarking demon’s scraper it gives you the ability to footprint these sites and discard the sites that you do not need. Random account details during your web creation gives you the ability to spin your account information when you are making your accounts. With Bookmarking demon you can make your  own usernames and passwords or if you rather create your own names and passwords there is a button you can click to make this happen its really up to you.
Bookmarking demon also has a scheduler. What is it used for? Having a scheduler gives you the ability to choose what days you want to promote certain products or services to the public rather than having to promote everything all at once. You can also randomize your titles, tags, and descriptions which will prevent you from copying the same content that you already publicized. is one of the best software’s because you can get your bookmarking sites done within minutes. It is a tool that you just have to fill in a few blank spaces and then it starts doing the work for you, it generates your backlinks and faster indexing, and it boosts up your search engine ranking. might seem a little costly but you will see once you decide to purchase this software that you can’t do without it.


If you are looking for a way to make extra money or start a new career go to:






Posted by Maira Magana at 5:19 AM

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