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The Clickbank Code is a course
designed of 28 videos that discuss
successful strategies in Click Bank affiliate marketing.

Click Bank Code was made for Entrepreneurs.  These are people that are taking a greater financial risk in creating a business or businesses. Today we see more and more website affiliates. There are millions and millions of people taking a risk and joining the new “trend”.

Whether they know or not about starting a business they are willing to take a jump and test their luck and maybe develop a career out of marketing whether it be for their own products and/or services or for a major company. Since internet data has become a need not a want there is more and more competition in the marketing business. If you want to succeed and make money and make your business known, a great investment would be the Clickbank Code source. This is a great tool that will give show you the best you need to succeed. Click bank Code income formula is a major source with the tools that affiliate marketers need to gain profits.

What is Affiliate Marketing?(Spreading the word of you business)
Affiliate marketing is a way that companies sell their services and/or products by signing up individuals (affiliates) that will sell their products and/or services for a commission.

Your job is to promote services and/or products of companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon, Dell, just to name a few. Since there is a lot of competition in the marketing business you need to be on top of the game. Come up with different ways of promoting your companies services like for example; blogging, it’s the newest thing now. Other examples would be like poster boards ads, newsletters, blogging it on popular websites like Google, Facebook, twitter, or Instagram. Being an affiliate marketer you can work anywhere from 10 to 16 hrs. a day. It can be a hard job to advertise new productions and/or services but if you put the effort and time it will pay off in the long run. One of the questions that are mostly asked by beginners is: Why isn’t my website making any money? If you take a step back and look; most likely it’s because you are missing a piece to the puzzle. We all have a URL or a website that we don’t need to look up or ask about because we already know it. But why? Mostly likely it’s because it’s a useful tool for us.

So you need to stop and think how is My site valuable or informative? Your goal should be to make your business or products/services important to your guests. Just go straight to the point even if sometimes you might have to embellish your products/services. Another important thing is you should always stay updated with your competition. Take an hour or two and think of what your targets are and what they are looking for. Google Analytic is a good site that will show you statistics on what your targets need. Another important step is to step back and analyze your strategy and really ask yourself if what you are promoting is valuable. Would YOU take the time and read about it? Would it catch your eye?

Affiliate Misconceptions

If you are new to the affiliating marketing you will might not be too sure on how to go about to obtaining traffic towards your products/services. No matter what you are trying to market, it is a tough competition. You need to keep up with what’s going on in the world “what in” and “what’s out”. It could take you days, weeks, months or maybe even a year but if you really want it, GO FOR IT! You can also run into an overabundance of websites that are really similar to what you are offering. But you should not let that get to you; just be creative. An example of this would be: say you are promoting poker strategy; but you see a staggering amount of websites just like your; well do not give up, you can add something like jazzy or horse; and then you would get the jazzy poker strategy or the horse poker strategy. By doing that you minimize your competition and obtain more ranking.

“Newbies” in the marketing industry just need to take some time and acquire the tools necessary to rise above your competition. But one of the first misconceptions of new affiliates is that they automatically assume that they require a considerable amount of funds to get started on their business; wrong to get your own domain and hosting it only costs a few dollars a month. It is doable if you have determination.

Why do I need to know what search engines are?

Search Engine Optimization a.k.a (SEO)

So why are search engines so important to your marketing/ promoting/services? This is one of the tools that will definitely help with your traffic flow of your products/services that your promotion to your targets. When you are advertising you should make sure your page is accessible to search engines, built up with steer you to where you want to go, so it makes it accessible for search engines to index your website with ease. You also need to improve your promotion strategy and your pages to get higher ranking than your competition by internal and external linkage.

Performance planning
You should always plan. If you just jump in you will not succeed. Without a plan you are more than likely to fail.

Lowdown for affiliate Beginners
Don’t make off with other people’s work. Do not copy and paste and then put your name on it. By doing this it will give you a bad rep; search engines will notice what you did this and you will be discredited which will hurt you as well as your website. Don’t take somebody else’ images. I know it’s easy to just copy and paste pictures but… check to see if it has been copyrighted and if is being sold; if it is you can always buy it from the owner as long as the image has a link to them. Take the time to read and learn and digest all the information possible before you get started; it will benefit you in the long run. Put on your thinking head. Don’t think about how much money you want to make; instead think of all the information you can provide to consumer or associate. Focus on how you are the best source of product/service that person is looking for and you will be.

Establish A daily Routine
It is always best and it seems that things flow more easily when you have a daily routine. Usually affiliate marketing takes up a lot of time. You have no boss because you are basically your own boss; you don’t have anybody over your shoulder making sure you get your job done. It is up to you and if or how much income you want to obtain and quickly.

Website Hosting and Domain Investing

A website host are all those websites that you run into that invite you to join the site and design your very own page. (I love those). But even though you can design your very own page you are still viewed as an affiliate marketer. Why? Because if you post or write an article through your page you still have their name attached to yours. If you look around you can find pretty good deals to own your own domain. What that means is like for example I have seen some websites that will charge you $4.95 if you want to buy your own domain.

Content Structure System    
One of the first things that you want to do is to set up a content management system. These kinds of systems are like the “back end” of your website that deal with everything for you. A good example of this sort of business is These kind of systems are really popular because all you have to do is fill in a few blanks and they do the rest. It really saves you a great deal of time to come up with new and creative ways to promote.

Preparing your Designed Website
There are really good websites out there that you can choose from that will allow you to design your own site. They usually have free domain and hosting, unlimited storage, offers web hosting, message boards, forums, and guest book. Some of these are: Weebly, WordPress,, Godaddy, and Squarespace, just to name a few.

Tools and Tips for setting up your website
Make sure that you do not block your privacy; you do not want to block the search engines that are going to assist you with traffic flow. Make sure that you also adjust your permalink because if you don’t it will look something like this: your site/category/bracelet site instead of your site. I have found it much better to do posts instead of pages because it sets them up better and they also get indexed in a faster rate for search engines. Make sure that you don’t forget to place the www.

Basic SEO Regulations
Subheadings are very important because they are like a summary of what you are service/product. You should also make sure that your website’s URLS seem natural and that you incorporated the keywords randomly throughout your post/article and produce a solid structure for your site.

Meta tags are also a very important tool to use in your articles even though it’s not that popular like it used to be. Meta tags are what search engines use to direct consumers that are looking for what the affiliate marketer is posting. Tag phrases are also very important in your writing; always pinpoint your tags in your writing page when they flow with your posting. You don’t want your tags to give the impression that you forced them; make them blend with your article. Tags are usually what the consumer will link to when looking for your service/product.

Alt tags are what most people are relying for with search engines. By alt tagging your images it makes it easier for people to find the exact picture they are looking for.

Kick Off to Your Live Website
Before putting your site out into the world it is best to write a few articles to get started. You should start off by writing an article for your site then writing a couple to distribute to sites that are similar to your site. It would be best for you to wait and acquire practice in writing before you start signing up to affiliate programs.

Signing up with Affiliate Companies
When you are just starting in signing up with affiliate companies you should start off with a few just so you won’t feel overwhelmed. Some good affiliate companies are: Linkshare, Commission Junction, Shareasale, Amazon Associates, and Google Affiliate Network just to name a few.

Analytic software website
It is essential that you keep track of your site stats. You don’t only want to know how good you are doing but what your viewers are looking at, where they are coming from and what keywords they are using so you can modify your site to their liking. There are many state programs so it is best for you to try some out before you stick to one that you like. You don’t have to worry about a cost because they are free. Two stat programs that are recommendable are: Google Analytic. There are a ton of features this program offers but for new users it is really easy and simple to use and for the advanced users there are also a variety of tools that they will benefit from. Another stat program is Woopra; the key features of this site are the live site tracking and the real time analytic. There is also Click tale which an interesting site where you can literally see how your users found you and you can also sit down and watch them while they are going through your website which is pretty cool.

Inviting all Search Engines to view your Website
Google Webmaster Tools is a good site to register your website because they give you a lot of advice to help you with your website that will help you in the future and will also inform you if there are any problems that with your site.

Writing, Building Links and Teach yourself
The only way that viewers will notice your content is by the quality of your writing. Keep writing and focus on making it the most informative website for your audience. Your goal is to write to keep your viewers interested. Building your links goes hand in hand with search engines and your quality of writing.  Build links with good quality websites to start building your links.  Don’t forget to stay on top of your stats, look at your competition, ask for advice, and look at what viewers are interested in and make changes to your website to gain more audience, always look for ways to enhance your site and don’t be afraid to make mistakes.

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Posted 27th May 2015 by Maira Magana



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