Saturday, May 16, 2015

The #1 Home Typing Company

Make money online from home

By: Maira Magana


Typeathome.com is a large business company that has been promoting other businesses for 12 years.

I would personally recommend this company to anyone out there. An email from this wonderful company that gave me an opportunity and gave me hope. I can honestly say; if I did it you can definitely do it. I had no clue as what blogging, writing, articles affiliate marketing, etc. was and here I am writing this article.


So what is Typeathome.com all about?

I can honestly say that it is one of the best companies out there. It will give anyone an opportunity. This is an at home typing job. They contract thousands of at home workers to type assignments. They have full time positions, part time positions and business owner reps positions. The full time typist can earn anywhere from $ 50 to $75 for each assignment. The part time typist can earn anywhere from $25 to $45 per assignment and the business owner reps can earn anywhere from $100 to $175 per assignment. Part time typist can do 1-2 assignments per day, the full time typists can complete from 5-10 assignments per day. You can accept your payments through pay pal or by check. The paying days are each Friday. To register with Typeathome.com you need to pay a one time fee depending on what position you choose.


For a part time typist the registration cost is $29.99

Full time typist registration cost is $59.99

For a business owner typist the registration cost is $89.99

Who pays for these articles?

It is usually delegated by large companies that want to gain as much audience as possible through search engines and acquire the highest rankings possible for Alexa.com. Basically the more backlinks and supportive articles are made and viewed the higher the search engines are which means more traffic (viewers) and more sales.

Why do they outsource?

Since I have personally tried this company myself I will run through the process of how this company works.

I signed up for the part time typist assignment position. I wasn’t too sure what it was that I was going to be doing. I just knew that I needed a job and $29.99 didn’t seem like a lot to start working. Once I made the payment I was taken to a Type at Home training site. It gives you a few paragraphs to read about the next steps that you have to take. The next step is to print out an agreement form and mail it to them; you can’t sign it electronically because I tried. While you are waiting for an email response that they received your letter you can start your training assignment. The training assignment consists of typing a 100 word article with a link of typeathome.com. You also have to add a picture or a video to your article and include 10 bookmarking sites. When you complete this training assignment you receive $5.

When typeathome.com had just started they lacked information and a lot of viewers hesitated whether or not they wanted to join the company until a guy named Troy G. decided he would develop training videos to help people get started with the program and to show them how to make money with the company.

When you register with typeathome.com you will be: writing articles, posting blogs, advertising company products and services, generating traffic and doing site recommendations.

Once you become part of typeathome.com you can enroll in the affiliate program that typeathome.com provides. This is another easy way for you to make extra money. If you do decide to join the affiliate program they will show how to generate hundreds of viewers to your site.

Typeathome.com inspires anyone that joins to think outside of the box. They have been solicited by large companies like; Home Depot, Walmart, Blockbuster, etc. to provide their workers information if they are looking to make extra money since they have an abundance of work available.

To give you a feel for what you are going to be doing they give you a training assignment which you get paid for.

You start off with:

Introductory Assignment

It takes to a page where it gives you a few titles for your article and it also gives three pictures that you can choose from along with a link so you can view more pictures. They also give an extensive list of social bookmarks that you can choose from to add to your article. They actually have a step by step video on how to do your training assignment. They show you how to link and do the bookmarking.

Tutorial on setting up a Google account for Blogger

Blogger.com is the website that you will be directed to post your blogs for typeathome.com. To setup your blogger through Google you first have to sign in to your Google account. From there you will be redirected to the blogger homepage. You will then sign in with your username and password.


The dashboard will always be your starting point


Write a post– to write your blog all you have to do is click on the orange pencil icon; this will take you to the post editor page where you can begin typing your blog.

Post editor– when you get to the post editor you have to put in a title then you write your blog, when you are done you will preview it then hit the publish tab.

View blog– the view blog tab lets you see the blogs that you have published and any drafts that you might have as well.

Overview– the overview icon lets you see any news that might be important for you, any tips that the blogger team might have for you and any activity that your blog has had.

Add image– to add a picture to your blog; you will click on the upload your image, pick the picture you want to add and then click done; it will then appear on your blog.

You can also upload pictures from your mobile from the free app Picasa.

Add a video– to add a video to your blog all you have to do is click on the film strip icon on the post editor toolbar; it will then tell you to add a video. From there you will go to browse to pick your video.

Very important– blogger will only take AVI, MPEG, QuickTime, Real and Windows Media files and your video has to be less than 100MB in size.

Before it actually uploads your video you need to add a title in the video title box  and accept the terms and conditions.

Customize– the customize tab is the design of your blog; how you want the public to see your blog. There are a few templates you can choose from or you can use one of  the default templates as well.

You can also edit your HTML by clicking on the gray edit HTML tab.

Another cool tool that you can do is customize your own blog design by using the drop and drag interface.

You can also add: AdSense adds, slide shows, and user polls.

Layout Editing

Click on the drop down layout tap under the blog you want to customize, then you would click on edit to take off any

Gadgets or to add new ones. If you want to add a gadget just click on the + sign next to the gadget of your choosing. You can actually choose your gadget by category or choose a specific gadget on the pop-up window that you will see on the top right of your screen. Once you are done picking a gadget, click on the orange button that says save arrangement. It will automatically show you your layout changes.

Creating a new page– To create new page on your blogger account all you have to do is sign in; from there click on the pages tab and then click on new page. When you are ready to put our page live click on the publish tab.

Editing pages– To edit a page you had made to add videos, pictures or more information by clicking on the edit tab under pages. When you are done fixing any errors or extra information just click on update.

Editing your page layout–  to edit the appearance of your page or pages all you have to do is click on the layout tab, and you will get a preview of your page, from there you can change the layout so your page appear on the top, bottom, left  or right  of you blog post.

Blogs privacy and permission

Your blog is automatically available to the public unless you want to keep it private. To change this you have to click on the settings tab. From there you will see add readers; you can then add the email address of the person that you want to have access to your blog. You can add multiple email address by placing a comma after each address.

As you can see if you go into this business like myself; not knowing much about typing, writing, articles, blogs, etc. it can be very confusing but if you put time into your work and do some research you will figure it out. The good thing about this job is that you really have no time limit as to when you are expected to finish your work. You can work at your own pace.

Another really good thing that I have noticed about typeathome.com is that this program gives you resources to make extra income with other companies like for example the type at home free affiliate program.
What is the Type at home Affiliate Program?

It gives website owners another way to make money from their webpage. Affiliates produce more traffic to the business websites and in return they receive commissions. When you decide to sign up with the Type at home Affiliate program you will be given text links and banners to advertise in your webpage. When you put them in your blogs or post in your webpage and a viewer clicks on one, they will be redirected to the affiliate website. When this happens the affiliate software tracks it and you receive your commission. It’s that easy.

As you can see and once you join this amazing company you will see all the different opportunities this company can bring you. There is the typing assignments, the affiliate marketing, other typing and blogging jobs you can join and there is also the Google AdSense ads that you can incorporate to your articles to make money.

You can also post your articles on google+ if you have a Google account.


Google Ads AdSense

So what is Google Ads AdSense? You can add this into your articles to promote ads and make money by getting viewers to check out your blogs. If you are interested in more information on AdSense there is a help center that will answer all your questions if you want to make extra money.

Typeathome.com also gives you an option to make your own website through WIX.com. I got as far as what to name my webpage. It is a really cool page. It has so many widgets and features.

This company for me has opened so many job opportunities and I have learned so much and have so much to learn. Marketing, traffic, web pages, advertising, promoting, writing, blogging, etc.

For example there are so many websites that you can open up an account and create your webpage. This is a tool that will help you whether you are looking for a job or already have one. Some of the free sites that allow you to create your own webpage are: Web.com, WIX.com, Weebly, and GOdaddy.com to name a few.



If you are looking to make extra money or start a new career go to: Typeathome.com






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