Tablets, phones, iPads, computers, and laptops. Studies have shown that about 60% of children spend more than two hours a day on their electronic devices.

technology and children


Who doesn’t own one of these devices? What really should worry “us” parents are the damage we are causing our children. I can personally say that it has its ups and downs but the downs out weigh more than the positives.
Children are too busy staring at a screen that they no longer want to interact with each other, with their family, talk about how their day was or just sit at the dinner table with their family and just talk. They rather be on their phones texting or play a game on their tablets/ iPads.

It’s everywhere

Children don’t enjoy simple things like we used too when we were younger. We didn’t have all this technology; we didn’t need it. Schools are also giving our children more electronic devices; for example, the Chromebook. I was so surprised when I went to my children’s’ meeting before they started the new year. My jaw literally dropped, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. My 11-year-old daughter was going to have her very own laptop. I was not to happy when the principal said that we needed to buy the Chromebook warranty and if we didn’t we would have to pay about half of the its original cost.

Stand up

We as parents may not notice or think that allowing our children to be on these devices all the time is or will soon be causing them health problems.
There have been many reports of children having eye problems, back problems, and even neck problems. Children are spending too much time on these devices. For example, blurry vision, headaches, and trouble sleeping at night. Another health issue is their physical activity is diminished or gone. They on their tablets, and IPad sitting on the couch or laying down in their room. They don’t move. They are like couch potatoes. Another really important health issue is their social skills. They don’t want to talk or play. They think what for I could just Facebook you, or kick you, there’s no need to pick up the phone and talk to you or go over to your house. As a parent it’s scary how technology is taking over us.


We are the parents and we need to stand up and make some boundaries. Some ideas would be:
• take the TV out of their room
• don’t allow your children to bring their electronic devices to the dinner table
• limit the time they are allowed to be on their devices
• make some time for playtime and interact with them.


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