CainFinity Awareness: Child Trafficking


Trafficking is an illegal business where children are being taken/kidnapped, enslaved and sexually taken advantage of. We all need to become educated and become aware that it is still going on. Children trafficking is one of the most fastest growing businesses there is now. It is the 2nd biggest business there is next drugs. There are 1.2 million children that are victimized a year. 85 million children nationwide are enslaved and forced to hard agricultural labor or sexually exploited.

How & Why

Children are prone to being trafficked because their parents are out working all day and lack adult supervision. In the low class families, the men look at their daughters like a problem that they need to get rid of because they can’t afford to support them. Because of this, these men decide to sell their daughters to these disgusting traffickers. These dealers promise their children’s’ families that they will care for them and will take them to a better place and continue with education. The traffickers take the children to a different state or country to enslave them, or have them working as soldiers, or endure hard labor or the most common, prostitute them.

The United States government found over 170 countries where human trafficking is happening every day. These traffickers are making from $30 billion to $40 billion a year with these innocent children.

Many countries and states are not able to legally take action against these people. Many of these victims that make it out alive don’t receive any shelter or healthcare services.

In 2014 in a course of four months the Department of Health and Human Services placed an amount of migrant children in the hands of human traffickers who enslaved them; this happened in Marion, and Ohio.

On July 1, 2015, A federal jury found four traffickers guilty of taking immigrant Guatemalan’s and bringing them to the U.S. to enslave them and prostitute them. In March 2014 these dealers started selecting younger children believing that they would be less of a risk to bring them into the United States, control them, and they would work harder. These dealers would come to an agreement with the children’s’ families and would hang on any valuables they had until their debt was paid off.

These poor children were told that they would continue going to school once they came here. But they were forced to work six or seven days of the week and 12 hours a day. These dealers would threaten their families by saying that if they did not give them money they would hurt or kill their family members.

Recent Trafficking

The most recent incident involving children trafficking was in Maryland. Two men were caught in the County of Montgomery and were charged with human trafficking and sexually abusing a 16-year-old girl. These men placed ads of his escorting service on the internet. Another incident recently reported was in Boston where a woman was taken to a hospital where the doctor discovered that her boyfriend had implanted a FRID chip; the ones you would implant on your dog or cat. There was a case of two 14-year-old girls in San Francisco that really hit home for me. It happened in 2014. Jamar Greeter was prosecuted and faces 150 years to life for human trafficking, raping, and many more crimes.

To me personally it’s mind-boggling that this is happening and that we are not aware of it. Children are the future


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