Alpacas Health, Food, and Care

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By: Maira Magana      April 4, 2016      9:26pm

suri and huacaya alpacas




Alpacas were looked as a profit and investment. People believed that they would become millionaires by owning Alpacas. Now you can still make money but you definitely won’t become a millionaire overnight. But you can still profit from their exquisite wool.

Alpacas are said to come from the camelid family, but they also resemble a llama. So what is the difference between the camel, llama, and Alpaca?

Camels, Alpacas, and Llamas are all domesticated mammals. Llamas have long necks and can weigh anywhere from 250-300 lbs. Alpacas also have long necks and banana shaped ears, and they can weigh anywhere from 110-190 lbs. camels have thick lips, can drink up to 30 gallons of water in 13minutes, and can weigh anywhere from 880-1,325 lbs.

Camels are very economical. The thing that distinguishes the camel is that they eat thorny bushes unlike any other animal. The camel is used for farming, transportation, riding, and even for milk. The camel’s meat can be eaten, their wool and hair is used to make fabrics and sometimes even their bones are used for handcrafts.

Alpacas have very fine fleece that is used and produced to make finely costly fabric. There are also two types of Alpacas; The Suri Alpaca and the Huacaya Alpaca. The difference between both is the fleece. The Suri Alpaca long, fine fleece and the Huacaya Alpaca has shorter fleece. Alpacas can also grow fleece of about 22 different color shades, from white to silver to gray to jet black. The wool of a llama is more rough, of poor quality. It’s used for saddle bags and ropes. They can also carry loads up to 30-40kg.

The most common disease that Alpacas and Llamas suffer

  • Mange Ticks, and ringworm

  • Foot, mouth and rinderpest (inflammation of mucous membranes)

  • Rabies and cysts

Alpacas are so friendly and are not hard to train. They are also used as pets and can be much more economical to feed them than a regular pet. What makes them really likeable is that they like children.

Alpacas don’t have a breeding season, they can become impregnated any time and have a gestation period of 56 weeks. Maintaining an Alpaca is pretty easy. They feed on grass and plants. But they do need lots of water specially in the summer time. They will drink up to 4 quarts a day. They are also very tolerable in any kind of weather; cold or hot.


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