The New Opiate Addiction Plaguing the Streets: Fentanyl

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By: Maira Magana   April 7, 2016    3:00pm


Ohio, New Hampshire, Georgia, Massachusetts. Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Indiana, Virginia, New England, Florida, Kentucky, Vermont, Maine, are a few of the states that are being plagued by Fentanyl.

It was first revealed to cancer patients in the 1960’s. Fentanyl is an opiate that is used on patients during surgery and patients with severe chronic pain. This opiate is 80 times stronger than Morphine. Fentanyl slows down your respiratory centers. The effects last anywhere between 30-90 minutes. There are a few ways of taking it; pills, lollipops, injections, nasal sprays and patches. It gives you an on cloud nine euphoric feeling.




 These are some of the street names for fentanyl:


The latest news of the Opiate plague of Fentanyl has now hit home even closer. There has been over 42 deaths in Sacramento, CA of Fentanyl overdose. These peoples ages range from 25-65 years old.  The streets are being plagued by it. It is being sold to people like if they were Norco’s; they disguise them and dye them to make them look exactly like the Norco pill. These pills are being sold anywhere from $10-$20 a pill.


These are some of the side effects:


In August of last year, there was 12 deaths in a period of 48 hours. In Cuyahoga County there was 12 deaths in 6 days. Due to all the damages and losses, a bill was suggested by Republican Senator Patricia Bates, was passed. The bill will increase consequences if you are found with more than a kilogram of Fentanyl. There were 28 cases in El Dorado County of people getting sick from taking what they believed was a Norco pill but turned out to be Fentanyl., On Jan. 20, 2016, in Toronto police arrested Dr. George Otto of Richmond Hill, Sheree El Azrak, and five others for trafficking Fentanyl Patches that were being sold between $400-$500 a batch.


What makes it harder to fight the battle against all the drug distributing labs is that they are not only getting the ingredients, materials, and are being distributed from China but they are also buying them over the internet as well. The most popular way that Fentanyl is shipped is in silica-desiccant packets. Fentanyl has become one of the fastest ways for dealers to make money. A kilogram of powder can make an amount the size of a coconut and be sold for $20 million.


Fentanyl patches are the most dangerous and more likely to overdose if it’s not monitored correctly. Naloxone, which is an antidote is injected in the skin through your muscle and is used to treat a Fentanyl overdose. A new vaccine will soon be available for patients taking Fentanyl to avoid overdose.







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