Why are we allowing social media & technology to impead our children’s childhood?


CainFinity Mundo News

April 16, 2016   8:00 pm


We are surrounded by social media and technology that keeps growing every day. Our children are turning to them for advice and information instead of turning to their parents to give them advice. There’s a famous saying and I have to say, “yes,” I’m guilty too. “Google is your best friend.” Information is just a click away, literally a click away! (mind-boggling).

First (we) as parents need to educate ourselves, know what’s going on, what our children are doing, talking to and going in the web and searching. Technology, as much at it’s a wonderful and useful tool, it is also scary and hurtful.


Children as young as 1 years old are given phones, iPad, tablets to play with. (I’ve seen it myself). Why? Children are not being children. They are not out socializing and playing with other children, riding their bikes, playing with toy cars, playing, house, playing, basketball or soccer. They are sitting and staring at a screen. Why? Even now at most school’s elementary children are required to have a Chromebook. I was really surprised when I attended a school meeting and the principal informed the parents that our children were going to start doing homework on a computer. I couldn’t believe it.

How it affects our children?

Children as young as 1 years old are using technology and the social media on a daily basis. Its affecting our children in their learning, social, developmental, physical and emotional skills. Facebook, twitter & LinkedIn is used by over half a million people, from teens, tweens and adults. It affects children’s’ learning in a negative way. They have the technology to do the reading and thinking so why should they have to do it?


They have their technology that they socialize whenever they need someone to talk too, so why talk to a real person?  Their development is obstructed because they no longer conversate, use their imagination or do any kind of physical activity. We are seeing more and more obesity and diabetic children, young children. So why is this happening?

Technology and social media are taking over our lives, our children’s lives. We are giving them what is hurting them more than it is helping them. Is it worth it? Children have access to anything and everything on one device. Why should they have to do anything?

We, the parents need to stop for a minute with our busy lives and look. Spend more time with our children. Play with them, take them to the park, play ball run, jump, skip, anything. Just by doing a simple activity you are helping your child emotionally, developmentally, and physically. Parents need to monitor how much time we let our children use their electronics and take the time to block sites that they are not in age of going into. They can easily be bullied, or be shown how to make fake ID’s, sell stolen goods, ask for personal information for illegal purposes, etc.

Parents need to educate themselves about technology and the social media. Tweens and teens are having to use these devices to do their homework, but we shouldn’t allow them to be using them all day. For all the young children I know, I’m a parent myself, and we find it so funny and cute and amusing when we see our little one playing with our phone. But we shouldn’t be buying them all these cool, nice, expensive, but HURTFUL devices that they don’t need.

Children need to be children

We need to let them enjoy their childhood and stop pushing them to become adults when they are not ready. They need to enjoy their childhood, have an imaginary friend, play, live, laugh love, learn, all that is irreplaceable.







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