Skin B5 treats acne from within

CainFinity Acceso

June 20, 2016   5:19 pm


Skin B5


CainFinity Acceso
June 20, 2016   5:19 pm


Skin B5 is a 4 step treatment for people who suffer from mild to severe acne problems. We all know how embarrassing, and frustrating acne can be. There are so many products that you can choose from. You might be asking yourself, what makes Skin B5 different from all the other acne products out in the market? The Skin B5 products help you treat your acne internally and externally. Most products are facial cleansers, facial masks, body wash, overnight creams, etc. Skin B5 includes a vitamin supplement that will help treat acne from within your body combined with B5, which is a vitamin that help treat the inactivity and reproduction of oily skin, which causes acne. Overabundance of oily skin causes increased and clogged pores and breakouts. Vitamin B5 has been proven to diminish pores which in turn helps less bacteria get into your pores and avoids acne. The main purpose of this product is to control oily skin regeneration. Because Skin B5 contains the vitamin B5, which benefits in many ways. It helps relieve and improve asthma, loss of hair, anxiety, stress, heart problems and respiratory problems as well. Acne starts from within our body. We create the oils in our body, the hormones, and the retain stress, which causes acne to erupt.

Another reason that Skin B5 is one of the best acne treatment products is the ingredients are all natural unlike many other acne products that will hurt your skin, instead of treating your skin. These are the most common ingredients used in products that actually harm your skin.

  • Is a chemical that is engrossed in your skin and has been discovered in cancer biopsies.
  • Synthetic colors. They come from petroleum and coal-tar.
  • Is associated with: respiratory problems, allergies, and prone to having problem with your reproductive system.
  • Phthalates is used to boost flexibility and smoothness to your skin, but have been connected to breast cancer and earlier breast development in teenage girls.


As you can see there are many chemicals that unnecessary and that can cause you irreversible damage. Read before you buy and try.

Skin B5

Step 1

  • Involves an acne control extra strength pills, which is to be taken three times a day, and will last you for a month. The tablets are nutritional and beneficial to your skin and will not cause any side effects. These tablets are for people with a severe acne problem. It helps control all that excessive oils in your skin and restores, revitalize and regenerates. Its ingredients are: vitamin B5, vitamin B9, Vitamin H, Zinc, copper, and silicon.

Step 2

Step 3

  • Involves a moisturizer with antioxidants that helps control your acne. It repairs, improves, rehydrated, closes pores, and controls shine. It is to be used in the morning and at night as well, with or without makeup. Its ingredients are: vitamin B5, vitamin E, Jojoba oil, Green tea, Bergamot, and Aloe Vera.

Step 4

  • Involves taking a tablet to maintain your clear skin and is recommended to be taken with food. Its main ingredient is Vitex, which keeps your hormones balanced.

You should notice the difference in 6-12 weeks. Its ingredients are: vitamin B5, vitamin A, vitamin B3, Vitex Angus Cactus, vitamin H, Zinc, Copper, and Silicon.


There is also one last product that goes along with the 4 step Skin B5. It’s a skin cleansing 5-minute face mask. It will clean your face to suck up any oil and dead skin on your face, while making it soft and smooth. This purifying mask contains: vitamin B5, vitamin E, Aloe Vera, French green clay, avocado oil, Bergamot, reef sea mineral, Eucalyptus oil, horsetail extract, Ginkgo extract, chamomile, and grapefruit extract.


Even though Skin B5 is a natural ingredient product, like many products it can cause some side effects. Some of the most common side effects from Skin B5 consumers are:

  • Seborrhea (flakes)
  • Mood shiftless
  • irritation
  • inflammation
  • migraines
  • sunburn prone
  • dryness

Skin B5 has become one of the most popular acne treating products in the market. Customers have given it 41/2 stars. What makes Skin B5 unique and worth to try out is the natural ingredients combined with the vitamin B5, which has been proven not only to clarify and renew your skin but there are many more benefits. Some of these incredible benefits are: preserve, healthy nervous system, eyes, skin, hair and liver.




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