Energy Saving tips for the summer

By: CainFinity
June 18,2016


Just the other day I got my electric bill in the mail, I was surprised to see that my bill had gone up $25 more than what it usually is. I had also noticed that my AC unit had been acting up a few times last week. I was not to happy when I called an AC service company to come out and take a look at my unit. After they were done looking at it, they basically told me I needed to buy a new one. I was not aware of how expensive these units could be.

Did you know that AC unit system ranges anywhere from $1,000-$6,000 or even a more? I decided to wait a while and try different methods to keep my house cool and lower down my electric bill since its summer time the AC is working overtime.

If you have an AC unit system that is older than 15 years it is highly recommended for you to replace it.



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