HIIT exercise and its many benefits


  • Run for a quarter of a mile
  • Do squats for 20 seconds (set of 7); rest for 10 seconds after each set
  • Run another quarter of a mile
  • Do push-ups for 20 seconds (set of 7); rest for 10 seconds after each set
  • Run for a quarter of a mile
  • Do sit-ups for 20 seconds (set of 7); with 10 seconds of rest after each set
  • Run for another quarter of a mile
  • Do burpees for 20 seconds (set of 7); with 10 seconds of rest after each set

As shown by this, HIIT workout is a short but highly intensive workout that has been scientifically proven to make a person lose fat at a faster rate than doing a regular workout where the time spent is doubled and the results of fat loss are minimal. Scientists have done some studies on how and why the HIIT workouts burn fat so much faster than a regular workout. It has been proven that because the HIIT workouts are more intense and because they require the person’s full strength, the body requires more oxygen intake. This then causes the body to use excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EEOC), which is what the body does to get the body back into its former oxygen level rate. While the body is trying to get back to normal, it’s literally still burning fat in the process. There are so many benefits from HIIT workouts, but the main reason that most people seem so willing to give it a try is the time that a person has to spend to lose fat and gain muscle. For example, a person who does a 15-20 minute HIIT workout will lose more fat than a person who has been on the treadmill for an hour. Some other reasons why people are trying HIIT are:

  • No equipment is required
  • It creates a healthier heart
  • It increases metabolism
  • It can be performed anywhere
  • It is challenging
  • Individuals burn fatter

On a personal level, what seems to catch the eye is the fact that it’s a short and intensive workout. It does not require 45-60 minutes of time. That is a major plus, especially because most people are always in a hurry and don’t seem to have enough hours in a day to get things done. HIIT can be as short as 4 minutes or as long as 40 minutes. What is really great and awesome is that the intensity level of these workouts burns fat in such a short of time. Children can join and have fun with it too. It’s awesome!


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