Real ways to make money online



real ways to make money online




There are many simple and easy ways to make money online. Some might require a one-time payment fee, others might require samples of prior work or a draft of what you want to write about.

  • Writing and typing website companies. this is an online company where you pay a one-time fee. The fee cost varies depending on what level you would like to start at. There are three levels; part-time home typist, full-time home typists, and Business owner reps. As soon as you pay the fee the email you a username and password to get started with the training. They also give you links to videos that show you step by step how to get started and you get $10.00 for the first training assignment. After that, you will be given some topics to write about. The articles are 2,000 words each. is another website that requires you to pay a fee of $47 and they provide writing jobs for you.
  • There are also websites where you register for an account.,,,,,, and much more. These websites look for freelancers that are willing to write articles, design logos, ghostwrite, proofread, and translate documents for them.  These companies they require you to write 500-word articles and get paid for each article. The pay varies and there are also many websites where there are employers looking for people to do projects for them.
  • Surveys are yet another way to make money online. There are also many websites like; VIP voice,,, Panda, just to name a few. These websites are online surveys that pay you $5-$20 or more for each survey. All that you need to do is sign up and they will email you when they have surveys available and they also tell you how much its survey is worth.
  • Reviews is also an easy way to make money online. Some of these websites are:,,, and are just a few websites. All you have to do is the signup and write reviews on products or services. You are given a wide variety of things where you can choose the product you would like to write about. Some of the sites will let you know ahead of time how much they will pay you for that review.
  • Downloading apps is also a quick and very easy way to make extra cash. There are websites that like for you to download certain apps and they will pay you $5 to keep the app on your phone and will keep paying $5 for every month you keep it on your phone. There is also a website that is App where you pay a small fee and you write reviews on different app games and get paid.

As you can see there are many ways to make money. You can sell your books or things you don’t need or use. Or if you are serious and would like to make writing a full or part time job there are so many websites you can look at. But from a personal experience, writing takes practice, and there are people that will take advantage of your work and not pay you for it. Good luck.


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