Breast Thermography

December 2, 2016  By CainFinity



Breast Thermography is the most recent method for detecting signs of breast cancer, the most common type of cancer affecting millions of women around the world. Despite the phenomenal progress and decades of ongoing studies, Medical researching experts have yet to develop a cure that has caused millions of lives. 

Methods and testing

Many women could also avoid having to endure painful Medical procedures such as Radiation Therapy as part of their treatment. Physical examination and Mammographic Imaging are methods physicians use to detect all cancers due to their limitations in detecting smaller tumors in young patients and in women with dense breast tissue. In some instances where physical examination and mammographic tests have indicated an abnormality, MRI and Doppler’s ultrasound are done to determine further treatment.

Risk of breast Cancer

The risk of breast cancer, the most common of all cancers in women, increases with age and if breast cancer has been passed on through generations of the patient’s family also have a higher chance of getting breast cancer passed on to them. Women without children and women who have a child after the age of 30 years are also high at risk that does not exclude other groups of women, every woman is at risk of getting breast cancer at any stage and age in her lifetime.


Breast Thermography test is performed on women who are 50 years of age or less. Ther test takes approximately 15 minutes and is 100% safe. It warns the doctor to any changes that may indicate an early stage of Breast Cancer. Breast Thermography detects thermal signs which may indicate a pre-cancerous state of the breast or suggested signs of cancer at a very early stage and plays an important role in addition to Physical examination and Mammography Imaging, as an adjunct to the latter.

 With the simple non-invasive clinical Breast Thermography, women of all ages get a chance to be pro-active in ensuring better health for themselves.




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